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Christian Missionary Training Center:

The Missionary Training Center and School is offered by Youth Quests International in cooperation with Las Palmas de Mamré in Costa Rica.  At this missionary center is a Christian mission reaching the pueblos of the rivers boarding Costa Rica and Nicaragua. For 10 weeks in the summer or a 10 weeks winter school, students from the far points of the Western Hemisphere travel there to study about missions at the center. Students from ages 15-80 gain experience through hours of classes, hands-on ministry, indigenous farm work, obstacle courses, medical clinics, and more.
The Comedor meeting house
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Serving and training missionaries in the remote area of Costa Rica.
Share Christ, Work, Missionary Training Center, Teaching - Church Planting. Christian Volunteers, Training Missionaries To The World
Helping feed the poor, providing humanitarian projects and medical needs.
The Comedor, where meals, training, fellowship and medical care take place under one roof (sometimes all at once).
Our Goal:

  • To train committed Christians at the missionary training center to be leaders and missionaries
  • To send out ambassadors of Jesus Christ who will carry His gospel to hard-to-reach places where others have not gone.
Missionary Training Center Group
  • a rigorous schedule
  • intensive classes
  • community living
  • full participation
You will be stretched beyond your comfort zone mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally!
Meal Time at the Training Center
Christian Missionary Training Center or School
Students during leasure time at the center
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